How do I get ready for the appraiser?

The first step in most appraisals is the property inspection. During this process, we will come to your home and measure it, determine the layout of the rooms inside, confirm all aspects of the home’s general condition, and take photos of your house for inclusion in the report.

When the appraiser has arrived, you do not need to escort them along on the entire site inspection, but generally you’ll want to be present to answer questions about your property and be willing to point out any home improvements.

The best thing you can do to help is make sure the appraiser has easy access to the exterior of the house. Trim any shrubs and move any items that would get in our way while we measure the structure. Indoors, make sure we can easily access appliances like furnaces and water heaters, as well as smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.

To help expedite our work plus ensure a more accurate report, try if possible to have the following items:

    • Any information on the purchase of the property for the last three years.
    • Written property agreements, such as a maintenance easement for a shared driveway.
    • A list of any major home improvements and upgrades, the date of their installation and their cost (for example, the addition of Energy efficiency upgrades or roof repairs) and permit confirmation (if available).
    • Information on “Homeowners Associations” or condominium covenants and fees.