What is an appraisal review?

The purpose of an appraisal review is to ascertain: whether the original appraisal or evaluation is well-suited for the transaction, the risk inherit in the transaction, and whether the manners by which the collateral valuation is rendered guarantees independence and quality. The review must also denote whether the appraisal or evaluation report is compatible with the letter of engagement, which sets forth the range of the appraisal assignment.

The scope of the review may be adjusted based on the needs of our clients, from short “desk reviews” to in-depth narrative reviews. At Yount Appraisal, we are experienced in every type of appraisal review, review practice and the responsibilities of review appraisers.

Yount Appraisal is aware of what the most common report inadequacies are, as well as what amounts to a quality appraisal.  We’re also adequately skilled to recognize that our competition in our market are skillful in doing a good job.  The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, or USPAP, govern appraisal reviews as well as appraisal reports, and you can count on us to fairly valuate appraisal reports executed by others.

At Yount Appraisal, you can trust our honest judgment, because we offer professional, impartial, ethical appraisal review services for our clients. Contact us for more information about our qualifications, expertise and service offerings.